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  • Testimonials

I am greatly thankful to Chaitanyas Academy for helping me to direct my career in an appropriate way. Personal attention was always paid to us. The timely guidance of the teachers has been really beneficial for us. So thank you!!
- Rohan Kamble (IIT-JEE, AIEEE 166)

It was untill I joined CA,I wasn't aware about the so called "rat-race".Then when I joined CA I got complete idea about the competition around me. In my initial days I was a bit worried about my future career plans but,my teachers at CA guided me to choose something best for me! Teaching quality and style made my fundamentals strong and hence now I am able to build my advanced engg. concepts based on it.The variety of teavhing staff,the enthusiasm of teachers kept us alive in classes.The library over there is full fledge with variety of books. I would like to express my gratitude towards my teachers in anyway they would like me to contribute
- Harshvardhan Shah (AIEEE 158)

Joining Chaitanya Academy for the entrance preparation was an appropriate decision. Chaitanya coaching is sublime, It is enough not to squash your natural instincts while skillfully directing you where you need work.This coaching approach inspires you to believe and trust yourself. They are well prepared with material that is right for me at each stage of my growth and challenges me to take it to the next level in every session. They really take time to make you understand the concepts and has a very effective way to help you develop yourself from the moment you walk into the time you wrap. I had a wonderfull experience here with all the teachers. They are so inspirational and perfect with their subject. They are exceptionally good and have a very good teaching experience. I realized my capabilities here. Preparations for the entrances was almost perfect only because of the teachers here. We were provided with notes which helped me to a very great extend. I awe my success to Chaitanya Academy. I really thank this academy for helping me to fullfill my goals.
- Vinay Aggrawal (AIEEE - 169)

I attended a seminar of chaitanyas academy after my class 10 exams and came to know about the competition laid in front for engineering entrances. The extensive schedule and highly educated faculty helped me to improve to a great extent. This in turn elevated my performance. All teachers taught conceptually and also they taught to sort problems in various ways. The purpose of going to big cities for coaching can be satisfied in baramati.
- Suraj Jagtap (JEE Mains 2013)